DataRep Final : Where is 1.5 – Part 1

On 29 January 2013, the Singapore government released its Population White Paper. It predicted that the population would grow by 30% to 6.9 million by 2030, with immigrants making up majority of that figure. On 16 February 2013, a protest was held against the white paper at the Speaker’s Corner in Hong Lim Park organized by It witnessed over 5,000 attendees, making it one of the largest demonstration in Singapore history.

Online-social media became the main platform for local Singaporeans to voice their opposition and grievances over the surge in foreigners in recent years. Majority felt that these sudden influx would put a strain on the existing infrastructure especially transport and property prices as well as weakening the sense of national identity.

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What is the data?
Data collected from twitter using hashtags #sevenmillioninsingapore, #honglimpark, occupysg

What is the medium?

  1. Stage One – A visualization of 24 hour from protest at Hong Lim Park on 16 Feb 2013.
  2. Stage Two – A visualization of one month before and after the second protest at Hong Lim Park on 1 May 2013.
  3. Stage Three – A data performance using tweets collected from these event to form the script for the play.

What is the question?
How many sides of the story can I reveal from the data set? What are some recurring keywords? Why? When does these sentiments appear? How does main stream and online media cultivate these sentiments? How does sentiments manifest over time?


Live Improvised Performance with Real Time Twitter Feeds
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